Saturday, June 30, 2012

CALACAS II at Expressions Graphics

Expressions Graphics and LA CALACA PRESS are pleased on presenting:
II Calacas at EG
Expressions Grahics
29 Harrison Street, Oak Park, IL 60304.
(708) 447-9262
Gallery hours: 
Fridays - Saturdays 1-4pm or by appointment.

Expressions Graphics is a not for profit printmaking group partially funded by the OPAAC, in partnership with the Villages of Oak Park, Forest Park and River Forest, and the IAC, a state agency, also its members and Northern Trust Bank.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Symbolic Immersion: Prints and Installation Art by Jessica Kronika

Symbolic Immersion: Prints and Installation Art
Jessica Kronika  

Opening Reception:  June 15th, 2012 6-9pm.
Exhibit runs through July 6th, 2012

At Expressions Graphics, 29 W. Harrison St.,
Oak Park, IL 60304
Gallery Hours: Friday & Saturday, 1-4pm

Evoking a journey of discovery, the artist takes us into a contemporary experience of visiting prehistoric cave and early stone temples during a storytelling. Using cutting edge LED technology in the place of oil burning lamps, the illuminated spaces of Kronika’s installation invite you into the mysteries. Working with mixed media, the artist turns everyday materials into glowing crystalline and substantial spaces. Using printmaking, bookmaking, sculpture and photographic processes, the evolving series of two-dimensional art works and documentation capture the strangely universal yet undecipherable symbols that illuminate the exhibit.

A strong thread of recycling ties the various media to one another, as the printed works play off the stenciled hand motifs of early caves, the plates they are printed from evolve into the silhouettes for the led projections within the installation’s ephemeral and translucent cavern, and delicate brass pendants with patina’s that reflect an ageless sense of the relic.

The photographic works include time exposures of the installation interior as viewed in its various site specific presentations: May 2009 at Columbia College Chicago, May-June 2009 at Fly’n Gypsy Art Studio in Oak Park, May 2010 at Bridgeport Art Center of Chicago, March 2011 at Life Force Arts Center of Chicago, July 2011 RAW Artists Chicago at Evil Olive of Chicago, and September 2011 at Next Wave in Elgin, IL. The artist has printed unique editions of these still photographs as ready to frame original photos, greeting cards and postcards. All formats will be on display at the opening reception.

Supporting materials that allow insight into the artist’s process and inspirations include original and printed sketches, reference images and text, artist drawings, spatial renderings and diagrams, model, and books.  Each format continues the distinctive symbols and incorporates the evolving trail of materials.

This cycling and re-cycling builds layers of meaning and interprets the context of each unique site and exhibit theme to add levels of audience interface.  Prime examples include the book which pairs each symbol as a print with a poem exploring its meaning as a gesture or constellation, the adaptation of the form to highlight its relation to the original temple of Gigantia at Malta for the Electro-Sexual exhibit at the Bridgeport Art Center, and the poem statement which accompanied the installation at Life Force Art Center’s The World of Fairy exhibit.

For more information: J. Kronika 847-722-7032, OR Expressions Graphics:  (708) 447-9262

Friday, April 13, 2012

Dreams of Freedom

Dreams of Freedom

Expressions Graphics presents:
Nicolas de Jesus : New Works 
“Dreams of Freedom”
Reception :  April 13, 2012 6-9PM

Location: Expressions Graphics, 29 Harrison St.,
Oak Park, IL 60304

Etching Workshop:  Saturday April 14, 2012,
Noon -4:30pm .  Fee: $60.  
Contact Expressions Graphics to register:
(708) 447-9262

Artist Statement:
“Dreams of Freedom” is a series of engravings, (etchings and aquatints), that runs like a visual dream or nightmare. It focuses on presenting the story of Indigenous People’s struggle with the law to retain control over their culture and autonomy.
The struggle to achieve a fair living community is opposed by the government’s very powerful political and economic interests. These interests are backed by a policy of World globalization making the struggle even more complex and risky. We are dealing with ruthless powers that only care about economic gain, and the political power to control. A widespread discontent is felt throughout the indigenous peoples. We fight for justice that can give us a decent life, and also out of a respect for the environment around us, which suffers from the corruption and greed of the powerful few.
Art is a way to express and spread awareness of this problem which affects every human being. Our interest is in seeking better lives for all of us living on the Earth, Our Mother.
- Nicolas De Jesus.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter / Spring Gallery Schedule 2012

Gallery Schedule 2012

"Creative T-shirt Show"

Opening: TBA
January, 2012.

"Print Works by Claude Aimee Villeneuve"

Opening: Friday 17th
February, 2012.

"Student Works from McAllen, TX"

Opening: TBA
March, 2012.

"Current Print Works By Nicolás de Jesús"

Opening: TBA
April, 2012.

"Audrey Brown Retrospective"
Opening: TBA
May, 2012.

"Jessica Kronika Prints and Installation"

Opening: TBA
June, 2012.

Pipelines and Borderlines "Sequel" People Can't Drink Oil.

Opening: TBA
July, 2012.

Gallery Hours:
Friday – Saturday 1-4 PM or by appointment
Our gallery is run by Volunteers: Please call ahead to insure we’re open708-386-3552

Expressions Graphics
29 Harrison St. Oak Park, IL 60304

Expressions Graphics is a not for profit printmaking group partially funded by the OPAAC, in partnership with the Villages of Oak Park, Forest Park and River Forest, and the IAC, a state agency, also its members and Northern Trust Bank.