Saturday, December 6, 2008

United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Chicago and Expressions Graphics Present:

An exciting exhibit of Monotype Prints created at an arts workshop at United Cerebral Palsy on Harrison Street in Oak Park, IL.

Watercolor Monotype Prints
Oak Park Village Hall
Nov. 8 - Dec. 28, 2008

                                                         Photo by Peter Warner.

Reception Friday December 12, 4 - 6 PM

                                                         Photo by Peter Wagner.

We would like to extend special thanks to : The Buzz Café for donation of food for the reception, The Frame Warehouse for donating items for exhibiting, Expressions Graphics for art supplies, The Oak Park Areas Arts Council for helping us exhibit at the Village Hall gallery, Peter Wagner for providing photos, Dave Coulter for helping us matt everything and the write up, Carol Friedle, Ruth Patzloff, Carlos Barberena, Janet Schill and Nathan Wagner for putting together the monotype print workshop.

                                                          Photo by Peter Wagner.

Expressions Graphics is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt printmaking group which is funded in part by grants for the Illinois Arts Council and the Oak Park Area Arts Council.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Six by Six

Small prints by members of Expressions Graphics

This portfolio of selected handmade prints was created by members of Expressions Graphics to raise funds to help support our community outreach projects.

"Mujer con Sandía". Print by Carlos Barberena.

Each year artists from Expressions Graphics reach into the local community to share the art and craft of printmaking with non-traditional groups who may not have access or funding for these types of programs. This show with the United Cerebral Palsy group was done totally by the volunteers at Expressions Graphics.

By purchasing these prints you will contribute directly towards the cost of materials and supplies as well as the artist’s time to work with various groups in the Oak Park area. 

The cost of an individual print is $30. A complete portfolio of 8 prints is available for $200. The prints are composed of many different processes, including linocut, woodblock, screen-printing, etching and more. The artists in the portfolio are: Carlos Barberena, David Coulter, Carol Friedle, Lea Friesen, Beverly Keys, Jill Kramer, Laura Myntti and Janet Schill. See the Six by Six Portfolio

Your art purchase today will go even further as funds raised in this effort will applied towards obtaining additional matching grants. Expressions Graphics is a not for profit fine arts printmaking group located in Oak Park, Illinois.

If you are interested in buying a print or a complete portfolio please contact either Expressions Graphics at 708-386-3552, or Janet Schill at 708-447-9262, or email at

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Expressions Graphics Gallery Show Calendar.


Janet Schill Kimono Prints & Holiday Arts and Craft Show.

Holiday Arts Show continued.


Pipelines and Borderlines.
Artists from the United States, Mexico and Canada have formed a grass roots collaboration to create artworks to spread awareness of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), what Bush administration calls "NAFTA-PLUS", an umbrella for some 300 joint corporate and government initiatives affecting all three countries.

Prints by Carlos Barberena.

Guest Artist.

Audrey Brown - Watercolors Monotypes.

"What's Blooming" 
Expressions Graphics Members Show

Laura Myntti "Women in Love" 
An exhibition of recent art works shown in Paris, France.

The Expressions Graphics 25th Anniversary Poster

Auction FLYER

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pipelines and Borderlines

Artists from the United States, Mexico and Canada have formed a grassroots collaboration to create artwork to spread awareness of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), what the Bush administration calls "NAFTA-PLUS", an umbrella for some 300 joint corporate and government initiatives affecting all three countries. This artwork is included in: Pipelines and Borderlines a tri-national political print portfolio that will be on exhibit at the Oak Park Public Library from October 2 through October 30, with a reception on Sunday, October 12th from 2 to 5:30 p.m. A talk by one of the artists, René Arceo, will be presented that day at 4 p.m.

"Sed en lo Profundo" (Deep Thirst). Print by Gabriel Trinidad.

The curator of this project is printmaker, Beverly Keys, a member of Expressions Graphics in Oak Park and an artist with a passion for politics. One afternoon, while listening to her favorite public radio show, her interest was piqued. She learned that the SPP was formed in 2005 when the presidents of the United States and Mexico and the prime minister of Canada met at the behest of 30 corporations (10 from each country). They formed a covert partnership and set an agenda free of any public input.

“They claim this agenda would expand economic opportunities for the people of North America, but these initiatives adversely affect the public health, labor relations, environment and other dimensions of the lives of everyone living on this continent! ” exclaims Keys. “And democracy is at stake here!”

Motivated by passion, Keys recruited 19 artists from the three countries, many who are also members of Expressions Graphics. Keys asked each to create a print edition focusing on two of the initiatives that she found of particular threat to global health and human rights. One is the Oil Sands Project, the largest surface mining operation in the world. A pipeline, starting in Alberta, Canada, will run mostly to US refineries, including the local British Petroleum (BP) refinery in Whiting Indiana. This could threaten the health of millions of people that depend on Lake Michigan for drinking water. The amount of ammonia released into the lake will increase three fold, which would mean dumping an average of 3822 lbs of ammonia per day.

"Dangerous Walk for Oil". Print by Janet Schill.

The second initiative is an Automated Targeting System that integrates the United States “no-fly” list into a single North American database. This system assigns every person flying in and out of the United States a risk assessment score. The system is based on government databases that are full of errors. The list includes preschoolers and one U.S. Senator. Furthermore, no one has access to find out what their score is or any right to challenge it.

The result of the artists’ efforts is 35 portfolios consisting of 21 political prints (two of the artists created two prints) that will travel to different venues throughout North America. The first exhibitions will be presented at the Oak Park Public Library in Illinois and in Acapulco Mexico. The following exhibition is scheduled in early 2009 at Alberta Printmakers in Calgary.

One of the participating U.S. artists, René Arceo, will give a talk at the exhibit’s opening reception about the history of printmaking and politics in Mexico. Arceo is an internationally exhibited artist with solo shows in France, Mexico, Poland and the U.S. to his credit. He also has extensive curatorial experience and advised Keys on this project.

"Trampa Global". Print by Nicolás De Jesús.

The artists in the portfolio are: René Arceo, Marnie Blair, Nicolás De Jesús, Javier Lara Diaz, Steve Fisher, Carol Friedle, Baltazar Godoy, Heather Huston, Beverly Keys, Eveline Kolijn, Jeff Abbey Maldonado, Jesús Orlando Martinez, Michael McGovern, Laura Myntti, MaryEllen Ponsford, Janet Schill, Gabriel Trinidad,Victor Juarez Vasquez and John Pitman Weber.

The Artists in Pipelines and Borderlines

"Whitening IN". Print by René Arceo.

"Heart of the New West". Print by Marnie Blair.

"Lucha por el Petróleo". Print by Nicolás De Jesús.

"Oceano Negro". Print by Javier Lara Diaz.

"Suckers". Print by Steve Fisher.

"End of the Line". Print by Carol Friedle.

"Ecocidio". Print by Baltazar Godoy.

"Water Water". Print by Heather Huston.

"Oil and Water: We All Pay". Print by Beverly Keys.

"G3: Greed Guts Gaia". Print by Eveline Kolijn.

Print by Jeff Maldonado.

"Hijo del Petróleo". Print by Jesús Orlando Martinez.

"Pattern of Abuse". Print by Michael McGovern.

"Eco-Terrorism". Print by Laura Myntti.

"Ancient Echoes in Jeopardy: Mercury". Print by Maryellen Ponsford.

"Dangerous Walk for Oil". Print by Janet Schill.

"Los Gigantes Monstros". Print by Gabriel Trinidad.

"Entre Vida y Muerte". Print by Victor Juarez Vasquez.

"Oil Makes Us Free". Print by John Pitman Weber.