Thursday, June 18, 2009

Airline Secutriy (Ziplock Bag) Art Show

Expressions Graphics is hosting a show zip lock bag art show. If you have traveled by airplane lately you probably know about the rules regarding taking liquids and gels on an airplane. These rules are the motivation behind this show. Create a unique piece of art, put it into a zip lock bag. Mail it to Expressions Graphics. Do not limit yourself to security, or airlines themes.


In accordance with Transportation Safety Administration rules, all artwork must fit into one zip lock bag, no larger than 1 quart. One bag per artist.

Any liquids must be in a container no larger than 3 oz and fit into the quart sized clear zip lock bag. Larger bags will not be accepted, sandwich type bags are also prohibited.

You must comply with TSA rules regarding what can and cannot be put into checked bags, and what can and cannot be put into the carry on zip lock bag. You must also comply with postal rules regarding what can and cannot be shipped.

For a fee, we will put your art on the web (This blog here). Send $5.00 and your name along with your art, we will photograph the art and put it on our blog. There will be no other formal documentation.

If you want your art returned, you must come to Expressions Graphics on the day the show will be taken down to retrieve your art yourself. Date TBD, watch the blog for more info. Or you must send $10 plus a self addressedstamped envelop. No exceptions. (If you really want it returned it would be best to pick it up yourself). Any artwork not picked up, will be disposed of properly. There will be more information on our website for day of take down. As of this writing we have not determined that day.

All art must be received by July 28, 2009. Any art received after that time, may or may not be displayed at the discretion of the curator.

Expressions Graphics reserves the right to exclude any artwork deemed inappropriate. On the other hand we have yet to reject much in the way of art, so have at it.

Labeling and hanging:

Put your name and the name of your piece in, or on the plastic bag. All bags will be hung using clips or tacks. The show will be hung on August 2nd, 2009.

Mail your zip lock bag art to:

Expressions Graphics
29 Harrison St.
Oak Park, IL 60304

Art work may also be dropped off during normal gallery hours, during the month of July.

For more information regarding the TSA plastic bag rules refer to the appropriate TSA security web page.

Prohibited items:

Plastic bag rules:

Expressions Graphics is a fine art printmaking workshop and gallery dedicated to the educating the community about print making.

If you really want more information, send an e-mail to:

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